Staying fit and mobile will make you healthy, while taking care of your feet will keep you on the right track. If, for some reasons, you cannot reach your feet or look at them properly enough to take care of them, maybe it is just the right to connect with the podiatry professionals of Caring Sole.

Feet: one of the most important, yet the most neglected part of our body. Not many of us know this, but just like any other body part, the health of feet is crucial in overall body health and wellness. Moreover, several foot issues are a sure shot symptoms or early indicators of the onset on several lifestyle disorder such as diabetes and coronary issues. That’s why, it is vital to pay equal attention to your feet as your age advances. At Caring Sole, we are helping our patients get the best podiatry treatments including various preventive therapies, assessments and advanced treatments from professional nurses and podiatrists.

Our Caring Sole nurses are well trained in the most sought after Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care. Also, we have specialists who have a vast experience of treating numerous cases of calluses, thickened and hard to cut nails, corns, ingrown toe nails, dry thick skin, cracked heels, athletes foot and fungal infection in nails. We suggest our patients to book an appointment after every 6-8 weeks to ensure their feet are always healthy and beautiful.

If you have family members who are not in the capacity to take care of their feet on their own due to bad eyesight or any disease like stroke, arthritis, poor circulation, foot pain, dementia or any other conditions, we are here to help! We also have home care services for elderly and patients who can’t visit our facility.

Our Mission:

At Caring Sole, we always work towards to enhance the feet health of the people by providing them with the latest and most advanced foot care services and also support this budding stream in healthcare industry. We ensure that all our services are of supreme quality, that’s why we strictly adhere to standards laid down by Foot Care Nursing in Alberta and Canada. All of our practices have the guidelines of Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (CAFCN) National Competencies Profile for Foot Care Nurses as their foundation along with the standards laid down by Alberta Health and Wellness for Infection Prevention and Control for Foot Care Tools. While treating our patients, we only utilize sterile tools and ensure that all precautions are taken for your safety. We are proud to state that we are registered under Nursing Regulatory Body the College and Association of Registered Nurses Alberta (CARNA) for private practise in Advanced Foot Care Nursing in Alberta.

What is A Foot Care Nurse?

Caring Sole is a pioneer in Advanced Foot Care Nursing. Foot Care Nursing can be defined as nursing care with a client centric approach while focusing on the overall health and care of foot backed by years of podiatry experience and knowledge. A Foot Care Nurse has extensive skills and knowledge through a specialized program with focus on the best healthcare practices.